Next Wednesday 19th we will have the presentation of your group works.
- select one of the 4 different spaces using the form [main stairs, gallery up/down, laboratory]
- transform the space before your turn [max. 5 mins]. Roll paper, tape, bands, lights, music...
- think about the jury and public [about 80 people]
- prepare your performance [max 3+5mins]
- identify the topic [period of history from HAM] and show the main ideas about your collection [FFD] 
- all members are supposed to participate
- all technologies are allowed [manage it]
- use a proper dress [please no costumes] 
- feel free to choose the language you prefer
- your models [HAM] will be placed together on the right stairs of the school [head of the auditorium] in cronological order [4 models/flight of stair=16] by the end of your performance
- and remember: smart+pro

Our 5 main points:
- control of space
- clarity of message [comunication]
- coherence between historical period of inspiration and collection
- creativity
- design of all elements related to the collection


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