[Photograph: Two Miyake Warriors,  1998, Irving Penn]

In groups:
1. define the target for your collection [who are you designing for and what are you designing?]
2. it is not mandatory to design the collection but drawings, sketches or any ideas are welcome.
3. justify your selection [type of garments, public, ...]
4. prepare a 3-4 minutes presentation for the following interactive class

1. design a sheet related to the target your group has just defined for your collection. 
2. technique: free
3. compose [remember: smart+pro] all the information in a DIN A3 sheet* following the previous instructions
4. scan [JPG, 300DPI] and name the file: "06_FAM.NAME, NAME.JPG"
5. upload it [moodle]
6. deadline: 07.11.2018 [23:55]

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